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Go cashless with your family

You can create a MiVoice mobile wallet for a family member or ask a family member to create one for you.  Instead of cash, put money into your family member’s mobile wallet.  They can buy, spend and withdraw cash from it.
The mobile app is DATA FREE, so neither you nor your family member needs airtime, data or even WiFi to use the app.  The app does not use any of your own data*!
MiVoice does not charge any transaction fees, so it is cheaper than most bank accounts**.
Creating a mobile wallet automatically activates the advanced emergency feature in the app. Click here to learn more.
This is a paid financial service.  The person creating the wallet will be charged R 28 per month.
Download the app and click on “See what this app can do” for a complete overview of available services.
*Certain public posts in the app are not data free.  We will warn you before you use public posts.
**Retailers where cash can be withdrawn, charges a transaction fee.  MiVoice does not charge you anything.