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An exciting new App just for domestic workers arrived in the App stores. We would love you to be one of the first to see it. Please be an angel and pre-register (no obligations or cost). But even more, invite your friends who are also domestic employers / employees and we will reward you.

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 R 5000
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 R 1000
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 R 500
All other rewards are minimum of R 100

Registration closes at 12:00, 15 July 2021
Terms and conditions apply

Why should I register?

By registering right now, you’ll become one of the first people to use the great, new MiVoice mobile app,
the app that

  • Allows the domestic employer and employee to become compliant with all laws around domestic employment
  • Contract, pay slip, leave, UIF, workmen’s compensation*;
  • Allows the domestic employee to receive and spend his/her full salary free of ‘bank’ charges;
  • Pays the domestic employee’s estate in case of death, or pays both parties when the employee is
    hospitalized while traveling;
  • Gives you emergency management functions
  •  Ask friends/neighbors for help, get an ambulance, get armed response.

The above is an intro, the full detail, terms and conditions appears on the home page. By registering now, you are guaranteed of a reward of between R 100 and R 5 000 once you qualify.

How do you qualify?

Step1: Complete the launch registration form below. You will need your mobile number and email

Step2: We’ll give you a special link to share with others that will allow them to join the launch
program. Share this link with as many people as you can, to increase your chances of getting one of the
BIG rewards. Make sure to share with people who are either domestic employees, or domestic
employers (only these people count).

Step3: On 1 July 2021, download the latest and greatest version of the MiVoice mobile app, register
yourself and create a work relationship with your domestic employee / employer.

Step4: Keep on sharing your special link to get 3 other people to create their own work relationship in
MiVoice. For every 3 paid work relationships created from your special link, you get a guaranteed
reward of anything between R 100 and R 5 000! The names of all winners will be published on our

What happens after you’ve registered?

We’ll send you an email every day until the closing date to tell you

  • How many people has used your special link to register;
  • How many people that used your link has registered on MiVoice;
  • How many of your people that registered on MiVoice has created work relationship in MiVoice;
  • How many entries you have to win one of the grand rewards of R 5 000, R 1 000 or R 500.

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