Employer Benefits

Legal Employment Contract

MiVoice can generate a legal employment contract, which is required by law, and it protects both parties.

Easy HR Management

You get access to a full HR suite to formally manage your employee, including annual leave, sick leave, UIF, payslips, proof of salary payments and workmen’s compensation*

Realtime Task Manager

The task manager allows you to set daily tasks for your employee, which shows in real time when tasks are completed.  This results in better communication, work expectations and productivity.

World-class Home Security Features

You and your domestic worker will have access to emergency features which can:

1) Give an emergency alert to a pre-selected group of up to 5 phone contacts.

2) Activate armed response to your location by the closest security vehicle, regardless of the security company (think Uber – the closest one gets sent to your location).

3) Request an ambulance at your location.

Commuter Accident Insurance

If your employee dies in a vehicle accident on route to or from your home, their family will receive a R10 000 pay out. If she or he is hospitalised with an injury post a vehicle accident, you will receive R250 per day to pay for temporary support and your employee will also receive R250 per day. (Limited to 2 claims and 20 days per year.)

Efficient Arrival & Departure Register

A Covid-19 compliant sign-in register incorporating a geolocation sign-in and sign-out feature, keeps track of hours objectively and accurately. 

So download the respect your domestic workers deserve with the all-in-one domestic worker management app.  Protecting you, your family and your employees.

Because sometimes, the best thing and the right thing are the same thing.

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Employee Benefits

Zero-cost Wallet

Hold and spend your well-earned salary in a digital wallet which is 100% FREE, removing the need for risky cash or a costly bank account.

Legal Employment Contract

Know that you have a legal employment contract, with a copy on your phone.

Commuter Accident Insurance

If you die in an accident on the way to work or back home, your family will get R10 000 paid out. If you are hospitalised with an injury from a vehicle accident, you will receive R250 per day while in hospital. (Limited to 2 claims and 20 days per year.)

World-class Home Security Features

You will have access to emergency features which can:

1) Give an emergency alert to any 5 phone contacts you choose.

2) Call in armed response from the closest security vehicle.

3) Send an ambulance to your location.

So tell your employer about MiVoice, both download the app and start working the smart way.

Available for download now

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